Understand Bullying: Overcoming Shame

The Simple Picture:

  • from homicide to running for your life
  • from pushing into line to giving-way
  • from a bold step forward to a timid step back
  • from making an offer to making a compromising counter-offer

The “Curse” of Shame:

  1. Nightmares
  2. Loss of energy
  3. Misfortune of loved ones
  4. Financial or property loss
  5. Relationship trouble
  6. Deterioration of health
  7. Legal trouble
  8. Direct perceptions of being cursed
  9. Sudden and serious illness
  10. Death

Challenging Shame:

Building Self Esteem (the anti-shame):




Live life at 100 smiles per hour!

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John Bailey

John Bailey

Live life at 100 smiles per hour!

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