Masks of Fear 4: Mask-ulinity

Men are having EMOTION…

Real Men Aren’t Dullards:

Real Men Know Masks Work:

Masculine Men Wear Protective Equipment:

Who doesn’t wear masks?

Your Masculinity Might Be Fragile If:

  • The idea of safety equipment offends you.
  • You are offended by people being smarter than yourself.
  • You feel a need to pose without safety equipment.
  • You advertise masculinity or act abusively rather than in a truly masculine (protective) way toward others.
  • Your behavior is obnoxious, adolescent, and endangering to others rather than smart, thoughtful, and protective of others.
  • You are self-centered, self-involved, and protective of your vanity rather than concerned for others and protective of their safety.
  • You are offended by people being different from yourself.
  • You are offended by being shown an opportunity to be protective rather than obnoxious and reckless.

Save Your Masculinity:

Helping Others:




Live life at 100 smiles per hour!

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John Bailey

John Bailey

Live life at 100 smiles per hour!

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