How to Deal with CyberBullying

  • What did you not notice that you could have?
  • What else could their comments have meant?
  • How else could you have taken things — or reacted?
  • What else could you have said?
  • How could you have left the situation more gracefully or positively?

Technical Countermeasures

  • View an easy-to-read dashboard of your child’s phone usage.
  • Quickly and easily set phone use limits by time of day and day of week. Don’t want your son using his phone during school hours? No problem.
  • See who your child is talking or texting with — and when.
  • Establish an allowed list of phone numbers that can call or text your child.
  • See what apps your son or daughter is downloading to their phone.
  • Set alerts to stay informed of any potentially concerning behavior.
  • Block or allow all settings with one touch, or manage them individually
  • Block or allow texts, data usage and picture and video sharing
  • Block or allow apps and digital media downloads
  • Restrict Web access to sites inappropriate for children
  • Restrict or allow users to manage their own wireless settings
  • Stop unwanted SMS messages.



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