Group Bullying (part two)

  • We can blame it on the “leader” we were just following.
  • We can blame it on others in the group.
  • We can diffuse and dilute blame across the group as a whole.
  • We can deny participating in “the bad part” by admitting to involvement in only “the harmless part”.
  • We can say the target caused their own misfortune. “If he hadn’t fought back he wouldn’t have fallen down.”
  1. Dehumanization
  2. Discriminatory Comparisons
  3. Delicate Language
  4. Denial of Responsibility
  5. Denouncing the target as deserving of bad treatment

What Can I Do?

Recognize it’s normal, and part of human social interaction and development. Because nobody is immune, the most important thing is to admit that you do it.

Remember the FOUR specific verbs:

  1. Practice — making the effort to notice and continually upgrade your own performance.
  2. Model — make sure you demonstrate the behavior to others in clear ways.
  3. Teach — reveal explicitly the structures behind the behaviors.
  4. Expect — anticipate that youngsters will exercise awareness, empathy, and morals — and to help them notice and upgrade their performance as necessary.



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