Four Questions for Your New Year

Q1: What was your biggest lesson of the last year?

Q2: What are you proudest of from last year?

That’s a simple question.

Q3: In the New Year, where will you most make valuable use of those things?

Think about the valuable learning from your biggest lesson — and the things you learned around your biggest achievement of the year, too. Think about the feeling of wanting to do more of the thing you’re most proud of — or to take it farther.

  • What do you think that something might be?
  • Where do you think it might happen?
  • Who do you think will be with you?
  • What will the first step of that feel like?

Q4: In the New Year, what are you most interested to learn more about?

  • How does that connect to your other answers?
  • Your biggest lesson of last year?
  • The thing you’re most proud of from last year?
  • What you may do to build on those things?
  • Even if your biggest fascination to learning and skill is completely different — what will it be about?
  • What will the first part of learning that be like?



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