Clean Off the Guilt

John Bailey
3 min readNov 17, 2020


Nobody is eager to clean a stinking mess off their shoe. But the alternative is to walk around smelling like that — and tracking it everywhere. And, whether you’re spending time “isolated together” with someone or isolated alone, the isolation can intensify that.

COVID-19 is bringing many changes to many people — and to relationships.

In some cases, it’s requiring people to be isolated — and in some cases, to be “isolated together” — for extended periods of time.

These conditions lead people to “think about things” — often to dwell on things — including things they may not feel great about. And, the “not great” things might include guilt.

Guilt is an interesting emotion in that feeling guilty about something can lead a person to doing other things they wind up feeling guilty (or ashamed) for — and that can become a self-amplifying spiral of behavior that’s really troublesome.

Knowing about these sorts of things doesn’t make a person immune to the problems. In fact, it can create a blindness to the power of the cycle, or to the destruction it’s doing.

A person might find themselves saying to themselves “I know, I know, blah, blah, blah … thereby maintaining the problem condition — because doing the things that would let them fully escape the guilt and just move forward with freedom seem seem impossibly difficult.

Emotional things are like that — especially in American culture, and especially for men.

Again, cleaning the shoe is pretty gross — except in comparison to walking around like that. And, allowing guilt to cling to you — and to get on your relationships endeavors — really is worse than just cleaning it off.

In consideration of the current situation, I have recently re-released a couple of my videos about a fast easy way to clean the guilt off yourself — and to do that in privacy, and probably without needing to have awkward conversations. In consideration of the current situation, I’ve also discounted the price by $20.

If you’ve been feeling bad about something and want to be free — through a simple process you can do in privacy in the next 30 to 60 minutes — check it out. If you know someone else who is suffering, consider sharing the link with them.

Whatever you do, be well and happy.



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