Always Getting Bullied

  1. Children with autism spectrum disorders.
  2. Children with lower social and communications skills.
  3. Children may take-on the identity or social role of “victim”.
  4. Children who develop a social symbiosis with one or more bullies.
  1. Don’t live in denial of observable systems.
  2. Check yourself, and model what you want to see.
  • In all these things, how you personally feel about, learn about, and react to things is more important than what you tell your children to do.
  • Discourage labels and name-calling — including “victim”; encourage use of persons’ names.
  • Discourage the idea of static and fixed “roles” (labels); encourage the idea of roles shifting with context.
  • Discourage the notion that capability is defined by identity; encourage the notion that for everyone, capability is an ever-increasing factor.



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John Bailey

John Bailey

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