21 ways to New Year’s Resolution Success

John Bailey
3 min readDec 29, 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Here are 21 tips for making New Years Resolutions easier and more successful. May they help you realize all your ambitions and dreams in 2015!

  1. Forget deadlines or acquisition of goals. They aren’t products you could purchase from Walmart. Instead, stay focused on the activities that move you toward your outcome.
  2. Maintain consistency, no matter how the clock ticks or what setbacks you encounter. Stay dedicated like dripping water — which can cut a channel through a mountain.
  3. Let yourself to feel good about the activity or process and adventure of becoming the person you want to be.
  4. Let your resolution to become part of a lifestyle that involves new friends and new fun activities and new locations.
  5. Associate with people who are successful at happily achieving and maintaining the same kind of goal you have.
  6. Adopt the beliefs, attitudes, and habits of successful people. Don’t commiserate, believe, or complain in the way unsuccessful people do. Instead if spending lest time with people who “share your struggle” but never succeed, cultivate friends who have succeeded where you want to — and spend as much time as possible around them.
  7. Make a specific and scheduled plan for taking manageable, bite-sized actions on a consistent basis.
  8. Schedule and prioritize those consistent bite-sized actions on your calendar.
  9. Write the personal deeply-held values that relate to your goal — and your bite-sized actions next to them on the calendar where you’ve prioritized those actions within your schedule.
  10. Feel good about keeping those values-affirming appointments.
    Reward yourself in ways that empower (not sabotage) your goals.
  11. Congratulate yourself and memorialize in writing the progress you create.
  12. Imagine and design goals where final decisions are in your control.
  13. Focus on those parts of your progress that you most control.
  14. Take consistent meaningful action. Whenever you notice something that “has to be done first”, challenge that truthfulness of that — and re-focus on keeping your consistency. Remember that consistency is a goal in itself.
  15. Make all your resolutions a reasonably achievable size.
  16. Measure progress toward a goal. Forget how much is left and focus on progress.
  17. Forget the goal itself — and how dramatic your struggle is. Instead, stay focused on the process of your transformation.
  18. Think consciously about how much attention some people get by failing. Resolve to win by winning.
  19. Make new friends by winning your goal. Whenever we take-on something new, we begin as “the newbie”. With each benchmark we achieve, we qualify ourselves to a new level “in the club” of people who have already walked that path. Remember to reach out and join the “circle of winners”.
  20. Feel both worthy and deserving. Because you are here, you are worthy of your own best effort, and your own best effort makes you worthy of progress, and progress maintained will carry you to success. Feel worthy as you step forward.
  21. UNDERSTAND and believe that successful resolutions are about the outcomes of consistent practices or lifestyles.